Welcome to the Bill Gove Golden Gavel Toastmasters Club!
A few words from our Vice-President of Public Relations

Want to be more successful?

Ask yourself this question … What do you want in life?

A new beautiful home? A new car? Finding or keeping a job or getting a promotion? Making more money? Or just keeping your speaking skills sharp?

Good Communication = Success

It’s no secret … if you communicate clearly and effectively, you’ll be very successful. No matter where you are. At work, at home or in your community.

And there’s no better place to develop these priceless skills than here. One of the best Toastmasters Clubs around. Inspired by our own Bill Gove, the father of professional speaking.

Learn Skills You Need

You’ll learn to speak confidently … think quickly on your feet … listen effectively ... gain valuable leadership skills … develop self-confidence and overcome shyness or fear – and much more.

These are important skills you need today, especially in these tough economic times. They’ll give you a clear competitive edge.

We’re Here For You!

You’ll get all the attentive support you need to succeed:

  • A proven, learn-by-doing education program
  • A friendly, informal learning environment
  • An experience mentor to guide your progress
  • Helpful feedback and constructive suggestions
  • And a vital tool, video recordings of your speeches, for you to review at home.

As a result, you’ll build confidence each time you speak. Your quick growth in speaking and leadership will make a big difference in your life.

You CAN do it!

Come Visit Us

You’ll find that our club is one of a kind. Whether you are coming south from Palm Beach, north from Boynton Beach or Delray Beach, or from anywhere in Palm Beach Country or South Florida area, it’s just the most competent, fun and affordable way you can grow as a speaker and leader — guaranteed!

Plan now to attend a club meeting — and see how it can help you become even more successful — quicker!

Of all the Toastmaster clubs in Palm Beach County, I selected the Bill Gove Golden Gavel Toastmaster Club in Boynton Beach because of its record of success helping members become better public speakers and leaders. Ed in Boynton Beach
I have learned so much about public speaking as a member of the Bill Gove Toastmasters club in Boynton Beach. But the real benefit has been the opportunity to practice my speaking and build my confidence in a friendly supportive atmosphere! Mike in Lake Worth
I love the Bill Gove club! Wonderful people come from all over South Florida to become better public speakers! Linda in South Florida
I have visited many Toastmasters clubs in South Florida, and Bill Gove Toastmasters club was the right fit for me. Jason in Palm Beach County


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